Apex possesses a colony of world class restaurants, bakery and ice cream shops, specialty shops and boutiques, spas, bakery and lots more. Simply put, it represents a great way to spend an evening or relaxing day doing what you love to do best – be it shopping, jogging or dining.

Furthermore, there is a festival for virtually every season in Apex. Festivals and events are held throughout the year with each guaranteeing your maximum pleasure as well as excitement.

And if you are the outdoorsy type or just a fun seeker, there are a wide range of cool reasons why you will definitely love to visit this awesome city. It has all the things you’d expect from the No.1 place to live – it has a lovely downtown with that kind of community spirit that attracts fifteen thousand people or more than one-third of the population, to the annual PeakFest street fair.

Also, if you are job seeker you may not want to look too far off this highly impressive city. Apex provides high-paying technology industry jobs which helps improve the quality of life as well as satisfaction coupled with its highly affordable homes when compared to other cities of its size. Apex has got simply too much to ignore!

Listings in Apex, NC

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The county is the 17th smallest land unit in N.C with 286 square miles in area, however, it contains the 4th largest city in the state. A trip to Durham provides you with an almost endless list of exhilarating and exciting things to do.

The Durham Performing Arts Center represents the biggest performing arts center in both South and North Carolina. Being the host of more than 200 performances per year, this Center serves as the venue for touring Broadway shows, music concerts, American Dance Festival, comedy events and much more.

The city of Durham is also a home to the American Tobacco which is a one-million-sq.ft. Entertainment district that feature apartments, restaurants, a basketball court, a documentary theater and more. It also puts up many of its own special events like pop-up shops, free concerts in the summer, and art shows. You may as well say Durham is uniquely handmade for both fun seekers and outdoor enthusiasts.

This great city is widely recognized for its colony of nationally acclaimed chefs and dozens of both regionally and nationally acclaimed restaurants. So if you are looking for a place with a wide array of great dishes prepared by world class chefs, you will hardly find a more yummy city in the country!

Durham is widely known as the City of Medicine. This is due to the fact that almost one in four Durham workers is working in health care or health related industry. Consequently, when you get carried away by the various delicious dishes about your home, you are sure to get adequate amount of health and medical experts to ensure you stay fit and healthy!

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This epitome of beauty is just 17 minutes from downtown Raleigh. Cary is frequently ranked One of the Best Places to Live in the Country by the Money Magazine. It does not only boasts of quite a number of renowned restaurants, numerous shopping and growing businesses, breathtaking entertainment and a memorable cultural and recreational experience, but its also home of the USA Baseball National Training Complex and summer home of the N.C Symphony.

Another attribute of this unique city is – it is not only endowed with both natural and artificial beauty, but it is also consistently recognized as one of the Safest Places to live in the U.S., Best Places to Raise a Family in America and Best Places to Retire. Nothing compares to being in a place where beauty is mixed with safety. You get to enjoy your time while being aware your safety is fully guaranteed. Amazing, isn’t it? Well, Cary isn’t done just yet.

Cary provides a wide array of fun-filled and economical recreational, environmental, sports, historical as well as cultural arts and programs in which you can indulge yourself after a very stressful day at work or during your holidays. So be it business, full settlement or vacation, you are sure to finding Cary very welcoming!

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Are you looking for a great place to relocate or set up your business? Or perhaps you are just looking for an awesome place to spend your holidays. Regardless of your purpose, you are sure to find that place in Raleigh.

The city was founded in 1792 as the capital of North Carolina. Raleigh lies in the east-central N.C., where the hilly Pledmont region joins the flat coastal plain. Aside having three major state museums of art, history and natural sciences (all free), Raleigh also possesses an exceptionally diverse art scene. As a visitor, you get to visit the touring Broadway show, listen to the N.C Opera, N.C Symphony or watch the Carolina Ballet and view authentic plays (either outside in the park or in theaters).

Equally impressive is Raleigh’s parks and recreational centers. The beautiful city boasts of over 9,000 acres of parkland and approximately 1,300 acres of water which offers recreational activities all through the year. This is also accompanied by a unique greenway system spanning 152 miles, providing jogging, walking, and hiking trails which joins most of the City’s over 200 parks.

And if you a hockey fan or just an outdoor enthusiast, you will probably find plenty to cheer about. As a hockey fan, you get to catch the excitement provided by the NHL Carolina Hurricanes. And be it stock car racing or great college athletics, you are sure to catch more than enough of these excitements.

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